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About Transport Certification Australia

TCA is positioned to respond to the growing use of telematics and related intelligent technologies – including Co-operative ITS (C-ITS) applications – by governments as enablers for reform.

TCA is a ‘cross-cutting’ organisation, with functions that transcend policy streams, surface transport modes and government portfolios.

TCA has become widely recognised as the prominent leader in the provision of services to governments including:

  • Advice founded on a demonstrated capability to design and deploy operational systems and services as enablers for reform
  • Accreditation in the type-approval and certification of systems and services that give confidence to all stakeholders
  • Administration of programs for, and on behalf, of Members and other relevant stakeholders.

Strategic Initiatives

Key Result Areas (KRAs)

To ensure TCA's vision and mission is realised, TCA's strategic initiatives have been grouped into seven KRAs.


Leadership in telematics and related intelligent technologies


Build knowledge sharing and relationships

KRA 3:

Provide assurance

KRA 4:

Administer telematics and related intelligent technology programs

KRA 5:

Manage legislative and legal requirements

KRA 6:

Generate public value

KRA 7:

Promote positive values and work environment