Helping drivers and operators plan smarter and safer journeys


Real-time Port information

Time slots, delays, queues and other key information

Port information (Port of Fremantle)

Other port information (coming)



Rest area information for heavy vehicle drivers

Location and facilities

Formal and informal rest area data 

Other rest areas (coming)



Travel information for heavy vehicle drivers and operators is provided through the Traveller Information Exchange (TIX).

What is the Traveller Information Exchange? (TIX)

TIX is an application available within the National Telematics Framework, and is a conduit for information supporting a more connected and better-informed end users.

TIX improves mobility by providing users with real time updates about access to ports, and routinely updated information about the location of heavy vehicle driver rest areas on certain designated routes. This information also contains some of the key characteristics (where available) of these rest areas, such as whether they have sealed pavement, provide toilets or have water available.  Other information is planned for the future.