Flexible HML Usage responds to the diverse needs of different transport operators.

For many transport operators, only a small proportion of their trips are loaded to HML.

Flexible HML Usage provides new opportunities, by making the IAP more cost-effective to a wider range of transport operators – especially for those that may not have considered the IAP before.

Promoting Flexible HML Usage

TCA has introduced a more flexible approach to its Operational Fee structure which:

  • Recognises  different levels of HML use
  • Allows TCA to play a role in reducing the costs of the IAP to transport operators.

For the first time, TCA will adjust its monthly Operational Fee (which covers the ongoing costs of auditing IAP services to satisfy regulatory requirements) based on the level of HML use per vehicle.

Significantly, for those with a very low, or infrequent use for HML loads, the Operational Fee will be waived altogether. For consistent HML usage, there is no change to current arrangements (as detailed in the table below).


  HML usage

  Level of usage

  (per vehicle, per month)

  Operational Fee

  (per vehicle, per month)

  excl GST

  Infrequent use

  Up to 1 HML load/trip per month


  Occasional use

  Up to 5 HML loads/trips per month


  Consistent use

  Unlimited HML usage



TCA anticipates that:

  • Any cost savings made available for infrequent and occasional users through the Operational Fee will be passed on by IAP Service Providers
  • IAP Service Providers are able to offer more flexible options for both individual vehicles and transport operator fleets.