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TCA is the Australian entity responsible for providing Advice, Accreditation and Administration services for public purpose initiatives involving the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies.


  • Are a ‘cross-cutting’ organisation which works across different policy streams, surface transport modes, and government and industry sectors

  • Perform a critical role in supporting the appropriate adoption of telematics and related intelligent technologies – from a whole-of-government perspective – limiting the potential for governments and policy makers from pursuing initiatives which can:

    • Delay progress

    • Create duplication

    • Multiply costs

    • Contribute to a fragmented approach to telematics and related intelligent technologies.

Open Technology Market

TCA’s active management of an open technology market - which focuses on outcomes rather than technology prescription - is central to our purpose, and the delivery of our Key Result Areas. 

Also central to our purpose is TCA’s interaction with three distinct stakeholder groups:

  • Producers (government agencies and regulators which set policies and/or manage programs using telematics and related technologies)

  • Providers (which deliver telematics products and services to Consumers)
  • Consumers (which use telematics and related intelligent technologies in response to the needs of Producers).


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