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Transport Certification Australia (TCA) is a national organisation that provides assurance services relating to transport technologies and data to enable improved public purpose outcomes from road transport. 

Key aspects of TCA include:

  • An independent not-for-profit entity
  • Trusted partner to both government and industry stakeholders
  • Nationally consistent services covering all road vehicle types and associated digital infrastructure
  • Administers the National Telematics Framework
  • Assurance services that are appropriately separated from regulators and enforcement activities
  • Advice that is based on evidence and a deep subject matter knowledge. 

As an independent entity, TCA offers a separation of responsibilities between data management and enforcement. 

On 1 January 2019, TCA was acquired by Austroads Ltd

Our values

In all our work, we strive to uphold four core values of our organisation:

Integrity – honesty, impartiality, confidentiality and fairness.

Professionalism – passion and a commitment to excellence, teamwork and delivery of high-quality services

Innovation – a forward thinking commitment to research, development and continual investment in learning

Accountability – caring about the needs of others, respecting differing opinions, a focus of achieving outcomes, and a commitment to timeliness and financial responsibility.



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