TCA worked with the TransLink Division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads on the implementation of its Taxi Security Camera Program during 2014 and 2015.

TCA performed an assessment of the functional and technical conformance of different security camera types against the requirements contained in the Queensland Taxi Security Camera System Specifications.

Advice from TCA led to improvements being made to the Specification to better align with the policy intent of the Queensland Government, and the capabilities of safety camera providers.

TCA also provided an assessment of taxi cameras submitted for approval against the Specification.

The Specification and approval process has enabled a selection of different security camera types being made available to the taxi sector in Queensland.


TransLink Safety Camera Assessment

The new safety camera specification forms part of ‘Stage 2’ of the Queensland Government’s Personalised Transport Reforms, which will see the introduction of new safety camera requirements for vehicles that are not pre-booked (i.e. rank and hail), or involve payments being made during the journey.

During July 2017 the TransLink Division of TMR requested that TCA provide advice on a new specification for safety cameras, for use in taxis, hire cars and ride share vehicles.

The focus of the advice was to ensure the specification enabled improved outcomes with respect to:

• Leveraging technological innovation and best practice
• Increasing competition
• Reducing the per unit costs of safety cameras
• Delivering levels of integrity sought by stakeholders.

With the specification having been finalised, the TransLink Division of TMR has sought TCA’s services to review submissions received from safety camera suppliers, to assess conformance with the requirements of the specification.