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Providers of telematics services can obtain certification and/or type-approval from TCA.

Certification can be obtained for the IAP (to become an IAP Service Provider).

Certification is the process by which TCA determines whether a company seeking to become TCA certified for the IAP meets the probity, financial, functional and technical standards of the program.

Type-approval an be obtained for Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs), against the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification.

Wherever possible, the functional and technical specifications avoid the need for prescription. Enabling the market to develop and deliver optimal technical, commercial and operational outcomes.

TCA has established a Telematics Industry Group (TIG) to provide a consultative forum between TCA and the telematics industry on current and emerging issues of interest.

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TCA Board Communiqué

TCA Board Meeting 89 - Communiqué (PDF)

TCA Board Meeting 88 - Communiqué (PDF)

TCA Board Meeting 87 - Communiqué (PDF)

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Latest News

20 December 2019: First provider registered for the Road Infrastructure Management application

18 December 2019: Transport for NSW puts telematics to use in its Freight Data Hub

16 December 2019: Use of new Road Infrastructure Management application expands further in NSW

25 November 2019: BlackBox Control Obtains Type-Approval for New Telematics Device

31 October 2019: Second provider now certified for Hill Descent Monitoring application

30 September 2019: First Provider Certified for Hill Descent Monitoring Application 

12 August 2019: New Telematics Applications Take Flight

17 May 2019: Joint Research Report at Brisbane Truck Show Highlights the Power of Telematics

30 April 2019: Airtec Obtains OBM System Type-Approval

18 April 2019: TCA Establishes Interoperability for Fatigue Management Devices

15 April 2019: New Executive General Manager for TCA

8 April 2019: E-Max Obtains OBM System Type-Approval

4 April 2019: Pinpoint Communications is now Netstar