TCA provides advice that:

  • Enables public purpose outcomes to be achieved through the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies
  • Informs TCA's members and other government organisations on the opportunities for policy makers to advance outcomes across surface transport modes
  • Assists governments to gain a better appreciation of the complex interaction of policy, technical, operational and commerical elements when developing new policies and programs and revisiting those in existence
  • Achieves a whole of government approach to the deployment of telematics applications.

TCA's advice to Member Agencies, the National Transport Commission, and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator contributes to the harmonisation of a national regulatory and operational framework for heavy vehicles in Australia.

TCA has provided advice to the Victorian Taxi Services Commission (TSC) and the Translink Division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to support technology based reforms.

For the TSC, TCA performed an operational assessment of real time data volumes associated with the real-time data transimission requirement contained within the Functional and Technical Specifiation for Fare Devices.

TCA's test vehicle simulated a taxi operating in a number of scenarios, including peak/off-peak periods, and urban and regional locations. This assisted the preparation of the TSC's Regulatory Impact Statement, and the design of its data warehouse to receive real-time transmissions from taxis across Victoria.

For the Translink Division of TMR, TCA provided advice on the implementation of its Taxi Security Camera Program, and assessed the functional and technical conformance of different cameras against the requirements of the Queensland Taxi Security Camera System Specifications.

Input from TCA led to an improved Specification that better aligned policy intent with the capabilities of safety camera providers.

"Australia has only one chance of getting it right. C-ITS will change the way we think about road use and mobility into the future"
– Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA Chief Executive Officer, ABC News

TCA is ensuring Australia's C-ITS future by actively participating in the following local and international collaborations and initiatives:

  • Laying the foundations for C-ITS in Australia with Austroads
  • Official Demonstrations Partner, 23rd ITS World Conference, Melbourne 2016
  • Co-leading international Harmonisation Task Groups with the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Transport.

C-ITS use telematics to enable real-time wireless communication between vehicles, roadside infrastructure, mobile devices and back-office systems, improving the safety and manageability of the transport network, and reducing congestion and costs.

TCA is taking an active role in responding to the local and international challenges and opportunities C-ITS pose to operators, regulators, policymakers and users.

An operational C-ITS framework is being developed by Austroads and TCA.

TCA and Austroads has closely collaborated to assess the needs of stakeholders, provide security and privacy management, and develop system requirements and key resources, including a Systems Engineering Management Plan and a Concept of Operations.

TCA continues to work with Austroads to develop a Cooperative Credential Management System, which will be vital to establish interoperability, security and trust in the emerging C-ITS environment.

TCA continues to bring its knowledge and experience to Harmonisation Task Groups – international projects that coordinate the recommended implementation of C-ITS policies.

TCA is bringing its operational experience in delivering a security environment that covers the lifecycle of regulatory telematics solutions to discussions on privacy and security for C-ITS.

TCA's shared leadership with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the European Commission affords Australia the opportunity to ensure its needs and policy expectations are represented in the harmonisation framework as it develops. This is positioning Australia to minimise its long-term C-ITS establishment and operating costs by ensuring international products work as seamlessly as possible in Australia.

TCA undertook a strategic assessment of railway crossing safety technologies on behalf of VicRoads. The assessment involved analysing two different technologies, the delivery of a report on the findings of the review and pathways for
progressing the deployment of C-ITS applications that intersect road and rail transport modes into the future.

The Telematics Industry Group, established by TCA to play a key role in advancing positive outcomes through the intersection of policy and technology, consists of a diverse range of manufacturers and suppliers of telematics hardware, telecommunications providers, and Certified Service Providers.

TCA provides its Members with analysis that protect and ensure the anonymity of users.

TCA's Members are making use of its ability to conduct aggregated, de-identified data analysis to support infrastructure maintenance and capital decisions.

The analyses support Members' research into improving the productivity and efficiency of the transport system.

TCA provides advice to governments in relation to the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies for road use charging initiatives. TCA's advice transcends policy, technical , operational and commercial elements, consistent with the
National Telematics Framework.