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Date Announcement
22 Mar TCA Introduces New Application of the National Telematics Framework for Heavy Vehicle Road Use Charging
09 Mar IAP Monitoring for Special Purpose Vehicles in Queensland
20 Dec On-Board Mass (OBM) Functional and Technical Specification - TCA Releases Final Draft
13 Dec International Society for Weigh-In-Motion (ISWIM) Elects TCA CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis, President
29 Nov TCA Constitution Updated by Members: Reaffirms and Expands TCA's Role
23 Nov Over 30,000 Telematics IVUs That Satisfy TCA Requirements Already Fitted to Heavy Vehicles Across Australia
14 Oct Another World First from TCA: Heavy Vehicle Network Navigation
20 Sep BIGmate Obtains Type-Approval for Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU)


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Communications Manager
D: +61 3 8601 4677
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