The Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification has been developed by TCA – with support from the Telematics Industry Group (TIG) – and supports the expanding use of telematics across all land transport modes.

IVUs may be used to perform any number of functions and services, including tracking, navigation, fleet management, safety, the management of regulatory requirements – along with the ability to interface with vehicle management systems and Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) systems.

The Specification sets out the core requirements necessary to ensure reliability, accuracy, integrity and security, to fulfill the needs for type-approval.

It should be noted that the Specification does not contain the requirements for specific 'applications' Rather, (additional) 'application' or 'use case' requirements, including the format and frequency of the transmission of the data, is dependent on the specific application(s) of the IVU.

For applications administered by TCA, application requirements are contained within TCA's suite of Functional and Technical Specifications.

The Specification is available here.


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